Bridgestone 5,000 sq ft | Valley Point

Bridgestone, founded in 1931, supplies world-class tyres and supports them with world-class services. Their commitment to quality is a worldwide commitment – sharing the values of the community, including the universal desire for a sound environment, and working conscientiously to improve the quality of life for people everywhere. In 2013, Bridgestone engaged POD to revamp and fit out their new office at Valley Point. The design intent was to create a dynamic & interactive work environment that brings out the corporate identity yet placing much emphasis on the need of the employees and showcasing their premiered products. The space is featured with distinct design and fengshui element eg. ‘Gold Coin’ light-box feature, multifunction and acoustically treated training rooms as well as R&D lab for product testing. Mini Go-Kart tyres hang down from the ceiling double up as nests for hanging vertical greens serves as an iconic yet cost effective design element to liven up the open work environment.

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